Some of our current Heart Help Dogs

Heart Help is a special project of The Martha Decker Memorial Fund for Animals. Our goal is to raise funds to provide Heartworm treatment for dogs in Izard and surrounding counties.  Our focus is on adoptable dogs who could have a rescue pledge if they were Heartworm free.
Our efforts are aimed at helping otherwise adoptable dogs who have Heartworm obtain treatment. Dogs with Heartworm, unless treated, have an extremely high rate of mortality. However, with treatment and proper care during treatment, surviving dogs can go on to have rescue commitment and then wonderful lives in their adopted homes. Last year in Izard County, Arkansas, alone, between eight and ten dogs were treated for Heartworm at an average cost of $345-$550. All of these dogs were able to be placed in loving adopted homes because of treatment.
By Heart Help covering the costs of necessary Heartworm treatment, dogs can receive a commitment made by a rescue. In turn, we assist rescues who commit to these at-risk dogs with veterinary care, temporary foster, and treatment transport. We highlight specific HW positive dogs on our Face Book page in hopes of receiving treatment funds. Thus far, with your contributions, we have saved the lives of 14 dogs.

2016 REVIEW- Working on year-end figures, The Martha Decker Fund is so proud of the special project, Heart Help. In 2016, 14 dogs were treated for Heartworm, and now are in loving, caring homes. At an average cost of $430 for each dog, these life-ssving treatments represent many donations and grants. Thank you to all who donated to Heart Help. We currently have nine dogs in treatment. If you would like any information about Heart Help or would like to consider short-term fostering a Heart Help dog, please call 870-670-4664. It's a most rewarding experience.