Vouchers are available to help you with the spay or neuter of your pet. Email or phone for information. 501-680-4753


​The Martha Decker Memorial Fund is here to help you.



Martha Decker Memorial Fund for Animals www.marthadeckerfundforanimals.org=

Funding spay surgery for Mom's who have recently had a litter of pups. We'll pay for a spay and rabies shot. Phone for information. 501-680-4753. Open to Izard, Fulton, and Sharp county dog owners.


​2018 REVIEW - The year-end totals are in! More than 40 Moms took part in Mom's Spa(y) Day in 2018,    NO MORE LITTERS! These Moms are home, safe and healthy. Thanks so much to all who took part in this project. Special thanks to All Creatures Veterinary Hospital, Thousand Hills Veterinary Service, and North Arkansas Veterinary Hospital for helping make this project a success. If you missed it in 2018, let's work to have your Mom Dog have a special Spa(y) Day in 2019.


Raising Funds for Heartworm Treatments for Southern Rescue Dogs.

Visit our Heart Help Facebook page to read about the dogs being helped by the Heart Help Fund.




All our projects are funded now by donations made by generous people like yourself. Help us continue with our work.

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